Tuesday, April 28, 2009


several weeks ago a robin pair built a nest on my front porch. this made me happy. momma robin comfortably perched on her nest every day, face to the pillar, tail feathers splayed. she looked safe and i thought she'd chosen a good place for her nest.

today i stopped by my house over lunch to drop off a bike frame. the nest was on the porch. four broken eggs, four gooey chicks.

i feel responsible somehow.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

3-5 times, flush as you go!

i saw this posted in the ladies room at school.

of the many questions that surfaced upon reading this, i'm most curious to learn why the anonymous poster of this flushing plea assumes that the excessive toilet paper user is not from this country?

Friday, January 23, 2009

lincoln logs

last week i learned a little history about lincoln logs from mental floss:

contrary to popular belief, abe lincoln is not the inspiration for this iconic playroom pastime. rather, frank lloyd wright inspired their creation.

lloyd logs??

wright's son, john, came up with the concept while watching the construction of his father's imperial hotel in tokyo. the name does recognize his father whose birth name was frank lincoln wright.

on a related note, playdoh was initially marketed as a wallpaper cleaner. it's use? to get soot from coal burning furnaces off of the wallpaper.

kind of like silly putty and the sunday comics.

they're totally not cute at all, not even a little bit

and i don't want one.

(found on zooillogix)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the smarty pants gentoo

i loooove penguins and not because of all the penguin movies that surfaced in the past few years. i did a stint as a penguin keeper at the omaha zoo several years ago and despite the cold and the tremendous amount of penguin poop, i was very attached to them. we housed gentoos, kings and rockhoppers in the aquarium and little blues in the outdoor pen.

anyway, i don't know what i love most about this video - the opportunistic penguin or the soundtrack playing from a boombox on the raft.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

cholitas luchadoras

i ate lunch today at grateful bread (mmmmmm...santa fe chowder and ranger cookies) and read the national geographic left on my table by the last lunchtime souper. found a great story about female wrestlers in la paz, bolivia who fight in the tradition of lucha libre but with bowler hats instead of masks. amazing, beautiful women! read it for yourself, or at least look at the photos!